2021-2022 Course Selections

Below are the course cards for all of our grade levels. Please contact your child’s guidance counselor for questions you may have about course selections.

Jillian Baker – School Counselor, IB Department. 813-794-9418

LOLHS 9th Grade IB Course Selection

LOLHS 10th Grade IB Course Selection

LOLHS 11th Grade IB Course Selection

LOLHS 12th Grade IB Course Selection

Kristi Garcia – School Counselor, Class of 2025 813-794-9419

 9th grade Course Selection 20-21 New

Cameron Moody – School Counselor, Class of 2024 813-794-9417

10th Grade Course Card C O 2024

LeeAnn Joustra– School Counselor Class of 2023 813-794-9416

11th Grade Course Card 20-21

Amy Pinsky – School Counselor Class of 2022 813-794-9471

12th Grade Course Card 20-21