10th Grade – Sophomores

10th Grade – Sophomores

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Sophomore Year

This year is a year of personal and academic growth.  Tenth graders should identify personal interests, aptitudes and abilities as well as look for further ways to develop their talents and skills.  We recommend parents and/ or students:

Consider the different types of post-secondary academic options. Become familiar with college admissions requirements.

  • Understand Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment options.
  • Take the PSAT in October for practice if Geometry is completed. Work with your counselor and teachers to identify areas of weakness. If needed, take an SAT prep class to improve test scores.
  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities. Begin a resume of activities. Give back to your community by continuing your volunteer work. Turn in your volunteer form to guidance.

School Counselors visit the classrooms on a number of occasions. Sophomore year our visits include information on preparation for the ACT PLAN test, Academic Opportunities for LOLHS student including State University System requirements, an opportunity to access FLVC.org, an overview discussion on date rape and healthy relationships, reviewing ACT PLAN results, and finally registration for their Junior year.