Land O’ Lakes High School Academy of Culinary Arts is designed to lead students on a path towards a culinary or baking & pastry arts career. The culinary academy requires a strong commitment from the student to be successful in our program and in the real-world industry. Students will be immersed in hands on learning that will not only prepare them for a potential career in culinary arts, but to assist them in everyday life. Our program follows the ProStart curriculum, and the students have the potential to earn their ServSave Manager certification and the National Registry of Food Service Professionals Manager certification. The student will follow the curriculum listed:

9th grade- Nutrition and Food Science- Students will learn basic sanitation procedures, food safety, food preservation, and recognize how food science interacts with technology and society. Students will practice leadership and organizational skills.

10th grade-Culinary Arts 1- Students will begin kitchen basics by reviewing sanitation and food safety procedures. They will learn proper handling of equipment, correct measuring procedures and knife skills. They will produce soups, salads, baked products.

11th grade- Culinary Arts 2- Students will begin by reviewing sanitation and food safety procedures. Students will begin preparation so they can earn their ServSafe Manager certification. Students will menu plan and cost recipes. Students will begin advanced cooking techniques and produce and decorate baked products.

12th grade Culinary Arts 3 & 4- Students will begin by reviewing sanitation and food safety procedures. Students will practice management skills, menu planning, front and back of the house procedures while experiencing hands on training in our Lakeview Café’.

Chef Cooper- jgomes@pasco.k12.fl.us

Chef Stansbury- cstansbu@pasco.k12.fl.us