Prior to any participation (conditioning, try-outs, etc.), students must have:

  • A Clearance for Participation form and Transportation Permission slip
  • A signed (and notarized) Pasco Participation Form for the current school year
  • A signed Pasco General Information Form
  • A signed LOLHS Athletic Code of Conduct form
  • A signed Covid Waiver
  • A current physical examination (EL2 form).  Physicals are valid 365 days from the date given.
  • A signed Consent and Release (EL3 form) indicating insurance coverage
  • A 2.0 unweighted GPA.**
  • Any student living outside of the LOLHS attendance zone must also have a Special Attendance Request Form on file with the registrar (IB, Culinary, School Choice, etc.)
  • Any student who has ever attended any other high school must have an FHSAA recruiting affidavit (GA4 form).

** 9th graders’ are initially eligible at the start of school.  At the conclusion of the first quarter, 9th graders who did not receive a 2.0 for the first nine weeks will not be permitted to participate in athletics during the 2nd quarter.

See our Athletic Interest Page to download many of these.

Upon making a team, these additional items are required:

  • An original birth certificate presented to the coach who will provide a copy to the A.D. and return the original.  (This only needs to be done once throughout high school).
  • The county participation fee ($80 for the first sport, $50 for the second, 3rd is free).  There is also family cap after having paid $200 for students living in the same household.
  • A copy of the parent/guardian’s driver’s license.  The address must match the address on file with the school, and be the address where the student-athlete physically resides.