11th Grade – Juniors

11th Grade – Juniors

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Eleventh Grade Checklist


  1. Check your Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Evaluation at www.FLVC.org.
  2. Determine post-secondary goals and the academic or career options open to you to meet those goals.
  3. Check academic core credits for state university admission requirements.  Remember that the two-year same foreign language requirement must be met.
  4. Search post-secondary school and university options.
  5. Consider talking to military recruiters to discuss opportunities
  6. Consider taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) for career aptitude information. Discuss results with your family.
  7. Take the PSAT in October for the National Merit Scholarship competition.


  1. Try to narrow college or post-secondary explorations to five choices.
  2. Take Advanced Placement Exams in May if you are enrolled in AP classes.
  3. Plan to visit college campuses during the summer and also create a resume.
  4. Take the SAT/ACT in April, May, or June.
  5. Consider test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT) to determine appropriateness of future goals.
  6. Work to your academic potential.
  7. Accumulate community service hours during the school year and summer.  Turn in volunteer hours to guidance.
  8. ESE students who need accommodations on the SAT/ACT should contact their program teacher (person who wrote their TIEP).

Summer Before Senior Year (click Junior Summer College Planning Checklist for a more comprehensive guide)

  1. Check to make sure you are ready for senior year by making up any classes you are missing or by replacing grades of “D” or “F” with “C” or higher.  See your Guidance Counselor for credit make up options.  You must also have a 2.0000 unweighted GPA to begin next year in senior status.
  2.  Start your Scholarship search.  A wonderfully free and comprehensive site is fastweb.com set up a profile and get to work on applying for scholarships.
  3. Begin visiting college campuses that you are interested in applying to.
  4. Begin looking at the college websites for their specific application process and deadline.  Some will want them submitted by October.  Others will give you until February of the following year.  Do your research!
  5. Community service!  Keep track of your community service so you can give them to your counselor the beginning of senior year.
  6. Most of all ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!