Parking Application

**If the application link is out of service, please contact the front office at (813) 794-9400. There will be times when we take the application offline so that we can process current applications; also, the application goes offline if there are no spots available.**

Please complete this application ONLY if you are a licensed driver and have completed the Safe Behind the Wheel class or Teen Driving Challenge Course. You will not receive a parking tag unless all information is complete and accurate. After you receive an email confirmation approving your application you must pay the $40 parking fee ($20 per semester). This may be paid by cash, credit card, or money order/check (made out to Land O’ Lakes High School) to secure your parking pass. Completing an application does NOT guarantee that the school will issue a parking pass/spot.

**Due to limited space, we are currently only accepting applications from students in grades 11-12. Priority will be given to grade 12, or students with approved off-campus educational programs on their school schedule. The student must be considered on-track and have no financial obligations to the school in order to qualify for a parking pass.

Submission of an application verifies that you have read, understand and will comply with the LOLHS Parking Procedures listed here.

Land O’ Lakes High School Parking Procedures

Parking at school is a privilege and all vehicles must be properly registered. Please review all Parking Procedures with your parent/guardian. These policies will be enforced with severe consequences for misbehavior.

***ALL outside gates will be locked at 7:06AM. Students arriving to campus after 7:06AM, MUST enter through the front office. Any violations to this rule may result in consequences and loss of privileges.

• Student parking is permitted only in designated student lots that the parking tag was issued for during the current school year. Students may not park in a reserved parking spot, or one that has been painted by another student (a painted spot is considered an assigned spot for only that student).
• Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted before, during, or after school.
• The parking lot is considered an “unauthorized area” during the school day. Students should not be in the parking lot for any reason; cars are not to be used as lockers. A student found in the parking lot will have their privileges revoked for a time to be determined by the administration of the school. Students are only allowed to return to their cars when leaving school at the end of their school day or by signing out in the main office.
• After entering the parking area, all students must leave their cars immediately, report to their designated area, and remain on campus.
• If a student leaves campus without being signed with permission in the main office, his/her parking tag will be revoked for a time to be determined by the administration of the school.
• At the end of the school day, students that do not have an after school activity must be in their vehicles and leaving campus no later than ten minutes after the final bell rings.

Students must be in compliance with the following qualifications in order to be eligible to park at school:
• Have a valid operator driver’s license, current vehicle registration paperwork, and proper up-to-date vehicle insurance.
• Be on-track and clear of all obligations and debts to the school.
• Ability to pay the $40 parking fee (Semester 2 only =$20).
• Completion of the Safe Behind the Wheel or Teen Driving Challenge course.

Parking Tag Regulations
• Once issued, the parking tag CANNOT be altered.
• Tags are not transferable to another student for any reason.
• Tags must be properly displayed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle, with the number and year facing forward.

*If you change vehicles, you must provide a copy of the registration and proof of insurance immediately to the School Bookkeeper in the main office.

A student’s parking privilege may be suspended or revoked for the following reasons:
• Being in any parking area during the school day without proper authorization by administration.
• Transferring or receiving an illegally transferred parking tag, or creating a look-alike parking pass.
• Parking in areas other than student parking areas.
• Exceeding the 5 MPH speed limit in any parking area, or 15 MPH on Gator Lane and other roads within the complex.
• Driving recklessly on and around the complex.
• Skipping, tardiness, loss of privileges, or multiple discipline infractions.
• Off Track status (academics, attendance, or behavior)
• Leaving campus without permission (must be obtained by the school).
• Parking at the District Offices.

• If a student’s parking privilege has been revoked or denied, under no circumstances will that student be granted a temporary parking permit.
• Vehicles displaying words, graphics, or designs that are in poor taste or create disruption in the opinion of the administration are prohibited.
• Loud music or other disruptive noises cannot originate from a student’s vehicle and are prohibited.
• To ensure the safety and protection of the student population, Florida Law provides for the search of any vehicle on campus by the school administration and/or designee upon reasonable suspicion that a violation of a school rule is occurring.
• We reserve the right to tow unauthorized vehicles that are parked within the complex; costs associated are the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.
• The administration of the school reserves the right to make any adjustments it deems necessary to enforce student-parking regulations.

Click on the link for the 2023-2024 parking application.

If you are a senior and would like to paint your parking spot fill out the senior painting parking spot application below by July 19, 2023. Painting parking spots will take place ONLY on July 27 and 28 from 8:00am-1:00pm.  Painting a spot is a senior privilege; if you would like to paint your spot please don’t wait until the hard deadline to complete the form. Before you click on the application you will need to have a design created as you will be required to upload a picture of it in order to submit the form. There is a $25 fee to paint your parking spot and you must provide all the paint and materials yourself. Please read all the information on the application
before you submit. If you have questions about painting a parking spot email Mrs. Hydes @ shydes@pasco.k12.fl.us

Note- in order to paint your spot on July 27 and/or 28, you must have an approved parking spot. Click this link for the parking spot painting application.