A message to LOLHS Seniors (or any other grade level!)
You can still order a yearbook to give your senior at least ONE last tradition. The Alligate yearbook staff worked hard the last couple of weeks to finish up our book. It is scheduled to be delivered some time mid-May. More info to come about pick up at the school. The message below is from a yearbook adviser in Texas, but holds true for every school. You can purchase your child’s yearbook at yearbookforever.com OR still through ACORN.
“A message to school age parents:
While high school athletes and musicians are keeping up their craft and continuing their rehearsals and workouts at home, journalism students are, as well. The quarantine hit directly in the middle of yearbook deadline season for almost every school in the country. While many of their peers are sleeping in and binge watching tv, yearbook staffs everywhere are using a variety of technologies to finish their yearbooks from their homes…
…They. Are. Determined.
They are finishing the yearbook for THEIR school and THEIR classmates, because there will only be one history book made about THEIR campus this year.
They know that banquets and prom may not happen, spring sports are canceled, and graduations may not be the celebration seniors have always dreamed of. But their school WILL have a yearbook.
Help your child remember the GOOD times of this year. Order your kid a yearbook today.” Kathy Beers (adviser at Timber Creek High School in Texas)