In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on campus. Access the Visitor Screener or the Student Screener online.

Summer Enhancements

Instructions.  Please look below to locate the summer enhancements for your class (the grade into which you will be this coming school year).  All work should be completed as directed and must be submitted the first day of school (unless a different due date is specified).  Students are to plan their time accordingly so that they meet all expectations to a high degree of excellence. Click on the links below to download the attachments.  


Course Instructor Assignment Information
AP English Literature & Composition

(Typically Non-IB  seniors)

Mr. Berger  

No Assignment


IB English Literature 4

(IB Seniors)

Mr. Berger No Assignment
Pre-IB English I Honors

(Pre-IB Freshmen)


Mrs. Melvin


English1 PreIB Summer Assignment 2020-2021

AP Language & Comp

(Pre-IB Sophomores

and Non-IB juniors)

Ms. Contreras  No Assignment
IB English Literature & Composition

(IB Juniors)

 Mrs. Rulison No Assignment
AP U.S. History

(Non-IB Students & IB Juniors)

  All Teachers

 No Assignment


 AP Psychology  Ms. McLaughlin No Assignment
AP Human Geography

AP Comparative Government

 Mrs. Coss AP Human Geography and AP Comparative Government

Students should be enrolled in a MyLearning (Canvas) class where suggested summer “start up” items are located.  NOTHING is required, however students should at least look through the online course description so that they know what items are suggested and they can see if there is anything they would like to complete over the summer to lessen their load during the year.  If you are not in the summer class, please contact Mrs. Coss at kcoss@pasco.k12.flus

AP World History

(BOTH Pre-IB Freshmen AND Non-IB students)

No Summer Assignment for this class.

IB Social & Cultural Anthropology

Dr. O’Connor  No summer assignment for this class.
AP Environmental Science

AP Biology (non-IB)

 Mrs. Skoglund

There is no summer assignment for APES this year or AP Biology (non-IB)


AP 2D Studio Art Ms. Smith  No Summer Assignment for this class.
Guidance and IB Core

Summer Assignment

(IB Seniors)

Ms. Baker/

Mrs. Striblen

  • Complete the letter of recommendation request form posted on ManageBac by Mrs. Baker

  • Work on CAS activities and complete reflections on your ManageBac account.  Our goal is for CAS completion by the end of January.
  • Be sure to meet all Extended Essay due dates for work. Consult the Timeline and other guiding resources on ManageBac.
  • Research and download college applications this summer to begin your college essays and to get a “jump start” on completing college applications.
  • Visit college/university websites to research and take virtual tours. Create a list of 5-10 colleges you will apply to.
Guidance and IB Core

Summer Assignment

(IB Juniors)


Ms. Baker/

Mrs. Striblen

  • Begin thinking about CAS activities you can get involved with and explore as you will need to start entering CAS activities day one of your Junior year.
  • If traveling this summer, plan college visits to nearby schools you may be interested in attending.  If staying local, visits schools in our greater Tampa Bay area to learn of their offerings.
  • Research colleges/universities to which you may be interested in applying.
Guidance Summer


(Pre-IB Freshmen & Pre-IB Sophomores)


Ms. Baker/

Mrs. Striblen


  •  Volunteer for community service in an area you are passionate about and complete the school’s community service form for hours to be placed on your high school transcript. (A minimum of 25 hours is suggested.)
  • Document using the form indicated following the guidelines for community service.
  • Research colleges and universities of interest. What summer programs might they offer to high school students?
  • Take a free online career-interest inventory to gain insight on career interests.