We are at the height of our testing season. We will administer almost 3,600 state exams over the next 6 days starting Wednesday, May 1. Rosters are posted on the walls of the commons and we will do our best to communicate if your student misses their assigned assessment and when we can offer a make-up opportunity. Please understand that many of these assessments count as 30% of their grade for the course, so if they do not take the assessment during this window, it will be calculated as a 0 for 30% of the grade for the course, which will harm their GPA.

Please also note the district sent out communication about cell phones and electronics during testing. They must NOT have these devices on their person when testing as it will be an invalidation.

If your student is scheduled for an AP/AICE/IB exam at the same time on the same day as one of these state assessments, they need to take the AP/AICE/IB exam over the state assessment as they have very strict rules about make-up for AP testing.

If your student is unable to test during this window, the summer window is Monday, July 15- Thursday, July 18. If they do NOT earn a passing score on the BEST Algebra 1 EOC and/or FAST Gr 10 Reading, they will also be offered to test again in the summer window as they must earn a level 3 or higher to earn a high school diploma.

We will offer the following assessments:

  • FAST Gr 9 Reading PM3 at 7:06 AM on Wednesday, May 1
  • US History EOC at 7:06 AM on Thursday, May 2
  • BEST Geometry EOC at 7:06 AM on Friday, May 3
  • Biology 1 EOC at 7:06 AM on Monday, May 6
  • FAST Gr 10 Reading PM3 at 7:06 AM on Tuesday, May 7
  • BEST Algebra 1 EOC and BEST Algebra 1 EOC Retakes at 7:06 AM on Wednesday, May 8