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Welcome to Our Media Center

Our vision is that the Media Technology Program at Land O’ Lakes High School is to enable the students and the staff to be effective users of ideas and information. This involves the utilization of all media and technology resources, within a secure an appropriate learning facility in order to assist students in reaching their highest potential.

General Information:

Media hours are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Students coming to the Media Center during a class period must have a signed Media Pass from a teacher with the reason for being in the Media. During lunches, a Media Pass must be obtained from a classroom teacher prior to your lunch period.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the Media Center, unless a special event is taking place. We strive to keep the Media Center as clean as possible for the comfort of our patrons.

Students looking for books to check out can use the PAC station computer in the Media, or any other computer with internet connectivity, to access the M.I.N.D. from our LOLHS website. (Click on the MIND above!)

Book checkouts are for 2 weeks. Students will not be allowed to check out a book if they currently owe a book to any school in Pasco County. We ask that you return your books when due, so that others may enjoy them too.

Databases for help with research are available to all LOLHS students and are also accessed through the M.I.N.D. while on campus. See a member of the Media Team to obtain the pass codes for access at home.

Students may borrow equipment from the Media for overnight projects such as laptops, digital cameras, and video Bloggies. A parent permission form must be filled out at least 24 hours in advance. There is limited availability, so plan ahead.

The Gator Bulletin Board is a digital scrolling news source for LOLHS located in the Media Center or Guidance Department. It is updated daily with important dates, events, and reminders. Students should check it each day.