FAQs Dual Enrollment

 Dual Enrollment at Land O’Lakes High School

Through an articulation agreement with Pasco-Hernando Community College (PHCC), students are permitted to take approved course work through PHCC and receive college credit. Students must have a cumulative 3.0000 GPA to take academic courses or an unweighted 2.0000 GPA to take technical courses. For some courses, students must have an acceptable standardized test score from one of the following: College Placement Test (CPT), SAT, or the ACT. Students must demonstrate through their test score that they have the ability to be successful in completing the chosen class(es). Students applying for dual enrollment courses must have their parent’s and counselor’s approval. The students and parents must complete an application, produce documentation from the high school of the needed GPA, provide required test scores, and complete a request for classes to be considered for dual enrollment. Upon acceptance students may take classes at no charge. Books are provided for the courses to be taken; however, they must be returned upon completion of the class.

Dual Enrollment opportunities for high school students to work toward AA and AS Degrees at PHCC have been expanded in recent years. The number of classes available at PHCC (East and West campuses) have been increased to accommodate eligible students from all Pasco County high schools. Courses will be offered both on and off the LOLHS campus.

Full time dual enrolled students must take the equivalent of six (6) high school courses and are not required to secure Superintendent or School Board approval.

Students who consider taking dual enrollment courses should be socially mature and able to handle the requirements of college. Study habits should be strong and consistent. Students should be able to balance other activities with the college courses. Course work completed through PHCC becomes part of the student’s official college transcript.

There are registration deadlines for dual enrollment. Students interested in dual enrollment should see their guidance counselor for paperwork and approval. PHCC academic advisors are also available for students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I receive college credit with the DE option?

  •  Answer: All Florida Community colleges and state universities will accept DE courses taken with PHCC, if the same course number is offered at the receiving college or university. If you plan to attend a private or out of state college or university, you should contact that college to ascertain the policy on awarding transfer credit.

2. If I choose the DE option, will my grades be weighted?

  •  Answer: Yes. Both the DE and the AP. All AP courses are weighted with 1 extra quality point. Dual enrollment courses are weighted 1 extra quality point. You should check with your guidance counselor for verification of weight on dual enrollment courses.

3. Are the DE grades a part of the college GPA?

  •  Answer: DE grades are part of the community college GPA. When community college grades are transferred to a four-year college or university, the student should contact the university to ascertain its policy.

4. If I choose the DE option, how are these credits sent to the college of my choice?

  •  Answer: You must contact PHCC to request your transcript be sent to the college of your choice.

5. Are some dual enrollment classes pre-requisite to others? (Meaning, students must take a course and pass it as a requirement before taking another class.)

  •  Answer: Yes! An example is freshman English 1101 and English 1102. ENC1101 must be taken and passed with a “C” or higher before ENC 1102 may be taken. Check PHCC coursebook for all requirements.