As our students make their final arrangements for the school’s Prom, it’s a good opportunity for us to point out the importance of good parental engagement.  While we hope that students will make memories to last a lifetime, we need to ensure that they make good choices.  It starts with parents monitoring their son or daughter’s plans for the whole night.  Make sure that you know how they are getting to the venue, when they are planning to leave, who they intend to be with, and where they are going after the prom. Some common things to question include party buses and limousine rentals, going to homes with limited or no supervision, and hotel rooms that are rented for an afterparty.  These are all common settings for potentially illegal and/or dangerous circumstances that can be difficult for students to cope with because of peer pressure.  Parents must intervene and should ensure for the safety of everyone involved!

In addition, we are aware of past cases when parents or other adults set up situations for minors to engage in illegal activities.  Below is a link to information about Pasco County’s social-host law.  If the police become involved, parents or adults who knowingly allow minors to possess an alcoholic beverage or drug, and do not take reasonable action to prevent the possession or consumption of the alcoholic beverage or drug, will be charged with a violation and could face imprisonment.  In light of these negative consequences, we hope that no one makes this mistake.

If you have any concerns about your student’s safety at Prom, or regarding situations that could be unsafe for others, contact the school for support.  The staff and SRO are available to discuss your concerns.


Ric Mellin, Principal