Postsecondary Education Readiness Test

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter serves as notification that your student will be taking the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.)  This is a computer-based test aimed at measuring your child’s college readiness. The test scores will impact which courses each student will need to take during the student’s 12th grade year.

 Your student has an opportunity to take practice tests for math, reading and writing at any time online at https://college.measuredsuccess.com in order to become familiar with the software, item types, and online tools he/she will encounter and use during testing.  There is a PERT Study Guide available at https://www.fldoe.org/schools/pdf/PERT-StudentStudyGuide.pdf, which we recommend as well.

 It is important for you and your student to understand the following policies before testing:

  Electronic Devices—If your student is found with ANY electronic devices during testing, his or her test will not be scored. The best practice would be for students to leave devices at home or in their lockers on the day of testing.

 ■ Academic Honesty —Your student is expected to agree that he/she will not give or receive unauthorized help during this test as it will be considered as cheating and will result in the invalidation of his/her test results.  In addition, students are responsible for protecting their answers from being seen by others.  If students are caught cheating during testing, their tests will be invalidated.

Student Privacy PolicyEvery student will be required to read and acknowledge the College Success Student Privacy Policy statement before beginning to take the online test.

 If you have any questions related to this test administration, you may contact LOLHS Guidance Department at, 813- 794-9409. For more information about P.E.R.T., visit the FDOE website at https://www.fldoe.org/schools/CommonPlacementTesting.asp.

 Thank you for supporting your student as he/she prepares for the test.


Ric Mellin, Principal

PERT Study Guides

PERT Review Booklet

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