Here are some announcements that we have been making to students.

  • District Finals are May 17 – May 19.
  • There will be no book bags or backpacks allowed at school from Friday May 20 – Wednesday May 25. Students are expected to carry all necessary items for school. Small wallets or purses are acceptable.
  • Textbooks need to be returned to teachers or the Collaboratory (Media Center).
  • Lockers need to be completely cleared by Wednesday May 25. The lock remains secured on the locker.
  • Items left at the school past May 25 will be thrown away.
  • Students are expected to comply with the Code of Student Conduct through the last day of school. No pranks are acceptable. An infraction will result in a parent being required to pick up their student and conference with administration.

If you have any questions about the last days of school, please call our main extension at (813) 794-9400.