In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on a school campus or school district office. All three self-screeners – the Student Self-Screener, the Employee Self-Screener, and the Visitor Self-Screener – are accessible from the district’s COVID-19 protocols page and are posted on each school web page.

I hope that your family enjoyed the winter break and holiday season.  We are a day away from the kickoff to the second semester.  This email details some important information that I wanted to share prior to the start of classes on Tuesday.



School Buses  Bus passes are posted in myStudent. Families already received a School Messenger call from Transportation with bus pass information if a bus pass has been assigned. The Transportation Call Center is open for bus pass questions during normal business hours (8am-4:30pm) and from 6-10am and 2-6pm Tuesday through Friday. The phone number is (813)794-2500. You can reach the Central Bus Compound at (813)794-0520.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up  Students may be dropped off at the school no earlier than 6:40am. They should wait for the main doors to open at 6:50am. All cars are to proceed through the circle at the front of the school at the end of Gator Lane. Please pull forward to the person at the flagpole waving the flashing wand before having students exit the vehicle. Use these same processes in the afternoon. Do not use parking lots or Gator Lane to drop off or pick up students.

Student Drivers  Only students that have a school issued pass are authorized to park in the assigned student lots. Attach the permit to the rearview mirror so it is clearly visible from outside of the vehicle. Students are not allowed to visit their vehicle or the lot during school without permission obtained in the front office. Reckless driving, speeding, loitering, and excessive noise are prohibited. Parking tags are non-transferable. Violations of any school policies will result in the loss of parking privileges.


Dress Code

Please see the attached document for the current Pasco Schools expectations regarding dress and appearance.


Behavior Expectations

We know that providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students is essential to their success. Therefore, it is important that everyone has an understanding of the Pasco Schools Code of Student Conduct. We need your support to reinforce the student rules of conduct. It is crucial that all students see that we are all committed to providing a quality education. Please see the attached document for the 2021-22 Code of Student Conduct.


Semester One Grades

Teachers have through Thursday to post grades for the second quarter and the first semester.  Report cards will be posted on myStudent January 11.  Please refer all questions regarding grades to the teacher.  Email addresses are available on the school’s website under the “Contacts” tab.

Requesting a Schedule Change

A change may be granted under these conditions: the course has already been taken; the student does not meet the prerequisite(s) for the course; or the student is a senior in need of a specific course for graduation. Schedule change requests will be considered during the first week of January only for semester classes. The student’s counselor and an administrator will review the schedule change request.  If needed, they will involve appropriate staff members. The counseling department will notify the appropriate people when a schedule is changed.

Students taking dual enrollment courses must follow institutional drop/add withdrawal procedures and timelines.


COVID-19 and Student Illness

Pasco County Schools’ protocols and the Daily Screener have be updated to reflect current guidance from the state and the CDC.  These updates are posted prominently on the district website: https://www.pasco.k12.fl.us.

Covid-19 testing is available for symptomatic and asymptomatic students, families, staff, and community members in the Land O’ Lakes District Complex parking lot at 7227 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard. Enter at Gator Lane and look for the directional signs. Pre-registration is recommended but not required. This information was sent earlier by the district. You do not need to add insurance information when registering for a COVID test on the website. The fields can be left blank.

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in our community and because the positivity rate in Pasco County is reportedly above 10 percent, we encourage the use of masks on the school campus or when participating in any school-sponsored event.

Students and staff demonstrating COVID-like symptoms will need to remain away from school and will be able to return to school or work when the following criteria* have been met:

  • Documentation of a negative PCR COVID-19 test OR
  • Verified medical documentation of alternate diagnosis as the cause of symptoms AND
  • At least 24 hours have passed since the last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, AND
  • Symptoms have subsided.

*These criteria may change based on the recommendation of the Health Department and/or CDC. Changes are listed on the district’s website in the “District News” and/or “Covid-19 Protocols” sections.

Code of Conduct 2021

DSBPC Student Dress Code 21-22