Attention Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2023.  Last night we held an information session regarding course card selections for next year. possible academic pathways, graduation requirements per the State of Florida, and descriptions for some of the many electives.   Attached are links for the ppt. that was shown, a copy of the course card for 10th grade w/graduation requirements on the back, and a copy of available online summer courses should your student want to take one.  We encourage your student to speak with their current teachers about any courses they would like more information that is within that teachers content area.  Remember, Dual Enrollment courses are college level courses and begin their college transcripts.  Every student will be picking their courses through their English classes over the next 2 weeks.  All course cards are due, including any changes, by Friday March 13th.

10th Grade Course Card C O 2023 Class of 2023 10th Grade Course Selection Parent Presentation Slides Virtual Courses Pasco eSchool 19_20

10th Grade Course Card C O 2023

Virtual Courses Pasco eSchool 19_20

Academic Electives revised for 10th graders