We will be providing meals at no cost to ALL students through October 20th. Meal choices may be limited due to availability and will not follow the published menu. Limited a la cart items may still be available for purchase. Adult meals will be available for purchase if food inventory allows.

Dress Code



Dress Code

Administration will determine the appropriateness of dress and appearance and will make the decision whether a student’s appearance meets school and community standards. Students are expected to comply with the dress code during all school-sponsored activities.  The Principal or designee’s decision on appropriateness of dress is final.

  • · Sexually explicit, see-through, tight spandex clothing, and cut-off, torn, or tattered jeans are not appropriate apparel for school.

  • · Clothing that is offensive may not be worn.  It cannot contain derogatory/harassing remarks or have implicit pictures or language.  Clothes cannot identify students with gangs or antisocial groups, advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons.

  • · All pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.

  • · Tops must be long enough to clearly overlap or stay tucked into the waistline during the course of normal movement throughout the day.

  • · Pants will be worn securely at the waist so that abdominal skin or underwear is not exposed.

  • · The neckline of a shirt or top cannot dip below a line formed between the right and left armpit.

  • · Muscle shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, bikini tops, strapless or halter tops are not permitted.  The sleeves of the shirt or top must “cup” over the shoulder for both boys and girls.  Removal of clothing for body paint is prohibited at all school activities.

  • · Pajamas (with or without pockets) or other costume-type attire may not be worn except for designated dress-up days approved by administration.

  • · Students shall not bring and/or wear hats, head coverings, headbands, or bandanas on the school campus unless previously approved for medical or religious reasons or special school activities designated by the principal.  Students are not permitted to wear hood of a t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket at school.

  • · Students must wear shoes while on school grounds or on school transportation for foot protection and hygienic reasons.  Slippers are not acceptable.

  • · Sunglasses may be worn outside only.

  • · Jewelry shall be worn in a way that does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a major disruption to the educational process.  Wallet chains, chains that hang off clothing, spiked jewelry, and dog collars are not permitted.

  • · Excessively gaudy make-up, body paint, and messages written on skin and/or clothing that are a distraction to the learning environment are not permitted.

  • · Students must have their school issued badges during all school activities and must be able to present their badges to school officials upon request.

  • First Offense-Students will be required to change into appropriate clothing.  Covering inappropriate clothing with a jacket or other garments is not allowed. Failure to comply will result in In-School Suspension (ISS) for the remainder of the day.

  • · Repeat Offense-Each subsequent violation will result in a discipline referral with violations being assigned one of the following interventions: conference with student/parent, detention, parking privilege revoked, in-school suspension or out of school suspension.  Acts of defiance and argumentative behavior will result in a severe consequence.

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