Summer Assignments

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Instructions.  Please look below to locate the summer assignments for your class (the grade into which you will be this coming school year).  All work should be completed as directed and must be submitted the first day of school (unless a different due date is specified).  Students are to plan their time accordingly so that they meet all expectations to a high degree of excellence. Click on the links below to download the attachments.  


Inquiry Skills- 2017-2018​

Course Instructor Assignment Information
AP English Literature & Composition



Mr. Berger  AP English Lit. Summer Assignment 2017

AP_Literary Terms Common Berger



IB English Literature


(IB Seniors)

Mr. Berger  IB Summer Reading2017-18 Berger
Dual Enrollment English


Ms. Quave

 This courses doesn’t have a summer assignment.  

Pre-IB English I Honors

(Pre-IB Freshmen)

Mrs. Rulison Pre-IB Summer Assignment 2017-2018 Freshmen
Pre-IB English 2 Honors

(Pre-IB Sophomores)


Mrs. Lima

 Pre-IB English II-Summer Assignment (10th)
 IB English Literature


(IB Juniors)

 Mr. Johansen
  • Read the book, “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” by Thomas Foster.
  • Take meaningful notes or make annotations.
  • Be prepared to discuss it during the first week of school.
AP U.S. History

(Non-IB Students)

 Mr. Rowland


AP U.S. History: Read Introduction and Chapter 1. Answer multiple-choice and short-answer questions for Chapter 1.

AP U.S. History

(IB Juniors)


Mr. O’Brien 


 Your summer assignment is to read the book, John Adams by David McCullough. During the first week of school there will be a discussion on the reading and by the end of that week, you will be tested on the book. Therefore, you must take careful notes or make meaningful annotations during your reading. Pay particular attention to how Adams’s life developed, the role his wife played in it and in events in general, and his political ideas. The best approach is to write a brief summary of each chapter as you finish them. This assignment will count as a test grade.
 AP Psychology  Ms. McLaughlin  AP_Psych-Myers-Unit1Reading

AP Psych SummerAssignment 2017


AP U.S. Government & Politics  Mr. Rowland

Read and outline the U.S. Constitution.

AP Human Geography Mrs. Coss

Email for a link to the course’s Canvas (MyLearning) page which has the assignment on it.  In the email, please put AP Human as the subject, then provide your name (First and Last), student number, and grade level.

AP World History

(BOTH Pre-IB Freshmen AND non-IB students)


Dr. O’Connor I

If you attended school in Pasco County during the 2016/17 school year, please use Canvas to access your Summer Assignment, located here:

If you attended school outside of Pasco County during the 2016/17 school year, please email for access to summer assignment.

IB Social/Cultural Anthropology

Dr. O’Connor  Anthro Summer Assignment

Pre-IB Chemistry

AP Chemistry (Non-IB)

IB Chemistry (IB Juniors)

Mr. Hicks No summer for IB Chem and AP Chem
AP Environmental Science Mrs. Skoglund AP Environmental Summer Assignment 2017

Summer human footprint 3

Summer Math

Pre IB Inquiry Skills

(Pre-IB Freshmen)



Ms. Damalos

Click to Download: Inquiry-Skills-2017-2018
 Culinary Arts 3 students Summer assignment  Mrs. Cooper

Chef Rigberg

Summer assignment for Culinary 2 students moving on to Culinary 3

AP 2D Studio Art


Ms. Smith  Summer Assignments AP 2D Studio Art Students
 Guidance and IB Core

Summer Assignment

(IB Seniors)

 Ms. Baker/

Mr. Morgenstein

  • Complete the student questionnaire given to you in April and due to Mr. Berger in August 22nd. (Remember that a short one-page questionnaire for parents is included). This questionnaire is necessary for personable/specific letters of recommendations to be written for you from Ms. Baker for college admission and scholarships.
  • Work on CAS activities and complete reflections on your ManageBac account.  Our goal is for CAS completion by the end of January.
  • Be sure to meet all Extended Essay due dates for work. Consult the Timeline and other guiding resources on ManageBac.
  • Research and download college applications this summer to begin your college essays and to get a “jump start” on completing college applications.
  • With any traveling this summer, plan college visits to nearby schools you may be interested in attending.


Guidance and IB Core

Summer Assignment

(IB Juniors)

Ms. Baker/

Mr. Morgenstein

  • Plan/work on CAS activities and complete reflections on your ManageBac account.
  • If traveling this summer, plan college visits to nearby schools you may be interested in attending.  If staying local, visits schools in our greater Tampa Bay area to learn of their offerings.
  • Research colleges/universities to which you may be interested in applying.
Guidance Summer


(Pre-IB Freshmen & Pre-IB Sophomores)

Ms. Baker/

Mr. Morgenstein

  •  Volunteer for community service in an area you are passionate about and complete the school’s community service form for hours to be placed on your high school transcript. (A minimum of 25 hours is suggested.)
  • Research colleges and universities of interest. What summer programs might they offer to high school students?
  • Take a free online career-interest inventory to gain insight on career interests.
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