On Wednesday, October 10, we expect to be offering PSAT to 800 students and the SAT School Day to approximately 90 students. We will run a modified schedule where periods 4 & 5 are switched. Students will go to lunch with their 4th period class as always, but it will occur later in the school day—after 5th period. We will attend classes in this order 1, 2,3, 5, 4, 6. Please see below and share with students. Bells will be on silent until we dismiss to 4th period/lunches beginning 11:15am. Thank you.

Period 1                       7:25am – 8:18am
Period 2                       8:24am – 9:17am
Period 3                       9:23am – 10:16am
Period 5                       10:22am – 11:15am
Period 4                       11:21-12:56
A Lunch
Lunch 11:21am – 11:51am
Class 11:57am – 12:56pm
B Lunch
Class 11:21am – 11:51am
Lunch 11:53am – 12:23pm
Class 12:27pm – 12:56pm
C Lunch
11:21-am – 12:20pm
Lunch 12:26pm – 12:56pm
Period 6                       1:02pm – 1:55pm