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August 13, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is not unusual for there to be high volume of traffic at our school during arrival and pick-up times. This sometimes leads to poor traffic circulation and can create unsafe conditions for our school buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians. At the beginning of this week we have witnessed parents engaging in a variety of unsafe behaviors, including double-parking, parking in NO PARKING areas or fire lanes, ignoring turn restrictions, or picking up students in vehicle parking lots designated for student vehicles.  Everyone must abide by the posted signs regarding the designated student pick-up and drop-off area at the front of the school.

As vehicles drive on to Gator Lane, they need to stay in the right lane, and cannot block buses from being able to make their way to the bus loop at the gym and behind the school. Also, we must always have a pull-through lane to the left side of the pick-up/drop-off zone around the pond to allow drivers to drive past cars waiting at the curb.  Additionally, the left lane must continue to flow in order for safety vehicles to always have access to the school. Vehicles must fill every space along the curb drop-off/pick-up area.

Most days the traffic subsides by 2:15pm.  If there is no urgency to pick up your child right at the dismissal bell, consider picking them up once there is less traffic in the loop.  We will supervise students up to 30 minutes after the school day to be picked up.

Thank you for helping to make the conditions at the start and end of our school day safe for everyone.




Ric Mellin