Summer DE Online Registration and Course Request Worksheet[6]

Hello.  If you are interested in registering for summer dual enrollment classes, please visit the LOLHS website to download and print the directions for registration and to complete the “DE Course Request Planning Worksheet.”  These documents include important information explaining the process for online registration, including deadline dates and websites.  The planning worksheet is where you will indicate which classes you would like to take during the summer; however, it does not guarantee enrollment in these classes.  The planning worksheet is due to your school counselor by Thursday, March 15th.  Students will register online through their PHSC WISE account on either April 24th or April 25th.

Please note the following:

This is only for current 10th and 11th grade students.  Current 9th graders cannot take summer courses at this time.

DE students may only register for Term III which runs May 7th – July 17th and can enroll in no more than 8 credit hours.

The PHSC course schedule must not conflict with the high school course schedule.