If you are taking an AP class online through Pasco eSchool or FLVS, you have been instructed by your course coordinators to complete an AP exam request form through an electronic link within the online platform. Students are then to print the request and submit it to Mr. Morgenstein as a back up. This is the only means that will be used to order your examination. No exam will be ordered if the student has not completed this request. If you need assistance, please contact your eSchool course counselor or Ms. Willoughby (pwilloug@pasco.k12.fl.us) for further guidance. Students must be aware if their exams conflict with other tests such as IB. If so, please note this on your printed request form.  Forms are due to the school by February 12, 2018. [Note: Those taking their AP classes on campus are pre-identified and an exam is set to be ordered for you. All AP students MUST take the associated examination in May.]

Refer to the exam schedules below and notes therein. Subject to change if revised by either AP or IB.

IB May_2018_Examination_schedule

AP Exam Schedule 2018 Aug Draft