October 10, 2018 is our date for the PSAT for all students in grades 9, 10 and 11. The PSAT is the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test offered by the College Board.

The exam is free to all 10th graders and you will be registered and scheduled automatically. You will receive more information in the coming weeks during English classes.

For 9th grade students, it is an excellent practice for upcoming college entrance exams and preparation for scholarship opportunities. The fee for 9th graders wishing to test is $18.

For 11th grade students, this year’s PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship which is a prestigious award given to the top 1/2 of 1% of test takers nationwide. Every year, many Land O’ Lakes High School juniors are honored by National Merit. The fee for 11th graders wishing to test is $18.

Once again, the PSAT is being held here at school on October 10th. It is free to 10th graders. The cost to 9th or 11th grade students opting to take the exam is $18. You may sign in the Acorn, find the PSAT fee and pay online by credit card. Or, you may download and complete a PSAT Application form (PSAT 18-19 Check_Cash_SignUp) to be submitted to Student Services with a check or cash for $18. Sign up by September 28th.

El examen PSAT se ofrece el 10 de octubre aquí en Land O’ Lakes High School. Es gratis a todos los estudiantes del grado 10. Los estudiantes de grados 9 y 11 pueden pagar el montado de $18 para el examen. A los de 9o grado, es buena práctica para exámenes de college entrance. A los de 11o grado, el examen sirve para índice de la beca National Merit Scholarship Program. Cada año, muchos de nuestros estudiantes reciben honoríficos de National Merit. Se puede pagar usando el sistema Acorn en línea, o con cheque or en efectivo llenando el formulario (PSAT 18-19 Check_Cash_SignUp). Entréguelo en la oficina de Student Services antes del 28 de septiembre.