The first days of the second semester were smooth as we transitioned into new classrooms and closed off a different portion of the school for the last part of the renovation project.  This post is intended to provide some reminders and expectations for parents.
-The front loop of the school is the only place to drop off and pick up students.  Using one of the parking lots instead creates a dangerous hazard for students and staff who are trying to park or pull out of their spot.
-Students who are absent will be marked “unexcused” (U) until the parent/guardian notifies the school in writing and justifies the absence with an acceptable reason that is outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.  Failure to do so within three (3) school days will cause the absence to be permanently recorded as “unexcused”.
-Only excused absences guarantee students the right to any make up work on the day(s) of absence at full credit. The student is responsible for asking their teacher(s) for assignments. Students will be given two calendar days per day or period of absence to make up all tests, assignments and related work.
-Students need to arrive on time and stay through dismissal. Parents can set a good example by encouraging students to follow the school’s bell schedule and to follow the school’s expectations.  All parents must report to the front office when picking up their child prior to the regular dismissal time. We will not dismiss students after 1:40pm.
-You can monitor grades and attendance using the myStudent system.  Directly contact the teacher(s) with questions related to grades, attendance, and behavior.
In addition to the things that I stressed above, we have support staff at the school to answer any questions.  Please call the school at (813) 794-9400 and a secretary will connect you with the right person.
Ric Mellin, Principal