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This message is intended to clarify what happened prior to Friday night’s kickoff.  Many have questioned why the football players were in the locker room while the National Anthem was being performed by the Gators Marching Band.  To steal a sports phrase, “upon further review” it was determined that it was a simple mistake by our staff.  There was no conscious effort on the part of the school’s administration or staff to keep the student athletes from participating.  I had a conversation over the weekend with our head coach to ensure that the staff is more aware of the game clock prior to the contest beginning.  We will be more cognizant for the last home games of the season so that it doesn’t happen again.

Our school’s mission includes promoting personal and civic responsibility, global understanding, and respect for the uniqueness of the individual.  We would never limit a student’s ability to participate in any symbolic gesture that shows pride towards our country.  On the contrary, as part of character education we emphasize to students ways to show pride for their themselves, community, and our nation.

We hope out parents and other guests remaining positive about our program through the remainder of the season because our community, school and kids deserve it.