We believe  . . .

•we have a wonderful and supportive school community;

•this is a place where spectators attend sporting events and extra curricular activities to express pride in their school, their students, and themselves;

•that the team’s fans help to create a dynamic and enjoyable competitive environment.

While we encourage attendance and support at our school events, we want to emphasis the importance of preserving a positive atmosphere.  It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the game and forget about the importance of good sportsmanship.  Proper conduct is required of the school staff, coaches, officials, participants, students, parents, and other fans.  Conduct that will not be allowed includes:

•congregating in parking lots before, during, or after the athletic contest,

•confronting administrators, school personnel, players, officials, coaches or other fans before, during or after the game,

•verbal harassment of administrators, school personnel, players, officials, coaches or other fans,

•throwing objects (including tossed handfuls of flour, powder, or glitter),

•obscene gestures,

•excessive booing, inappropriate chants or signs, profanity, or other loud noises or noisemakers,

•failure to pay admission for, or stay in the designated seating area,

•entering the field of play or surrounding areas before, during, or after the athletic contest,

•or, causing any interruption of the game.

The home team has the responsibility and authority for controlling fans at all sports events.  Officials and administrators have the authority to remove fans from the premises and officials can penalize the home team for misconduct.  Any person exhibiting aggressive, extreme or repetitive misconduct will be subject to ejection without a refund and/or banishment from future events.  Serious misconduct or behavior that causes the interruption of a school event could also result in the fan(s) receiving a Trespass Warning or being arrested by the Pasco Sheriff’s Department.