From May 6th through the 24th, Land O’ Lakes High School students in AP and IB courses will be maximizing their potential to earn university credits by success on their exams. These resources are available to students and families for download. As well, they are being distributed in print at school, reviewed by teachers in classes, and pushed out through myLearning notification.

Pre-bubbling will be conducted in some classes and in the Commons during lunches on April 16, 17, and 18.

Some critical ideas:

  • Be early, gather as noted, and do your best
  • No unauthorized electronics – just having them on your person is grounds for invalidating your examination (and this may incur penalty fees)
  • Calculators are allowable only on those exams that authorize them and the calculators must be on the approved list
  • Bring #2 pencils, eraser, blue or black in pens (no wet ink or gel pens!)
  • No food and drink is permitted
  • Lock up all your belongings in a car, locker, or other safe location – don’t bring things with you other than maybe your car keys
  • See the handouts for full details – You are responsible for meeting all requirements listed
  • Observe school dress code – if pulled for dress code, you might miss your exam (and possibly incur exam fees)
  • Observe all school attendance policies

100% exam integrity is a must!  We know our students will continue to make up proud!

May 2019 AP IB Exam Table

AP Calculator Policy May 2019

AP Exam Rules to Students May 2019

AP Student Parent Bulletin 2018-19

IB Exam Definition of Malpractice

IB May 2019 IB Do not bring poster

IB May 2019 IB Notice to Candidates

IB May 2019 IB Stationery Guide

IB Use of Calculators IB Exams 2019