UPDATE - Schools closed for students through May 1.  School will resume virtually for students on Tuesday, March 31. Please visit our new coronavirus website for additional information.

gatorThe Sunshine Athletic Conference winter coaches selected the All-Conference Teams last night.  Here are our LOLHS honorees:

Phyllis Crain, Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year

Vicky King, Girls’ Soccer Coach of the Year

Andrea Smoley, tied for Cheerleading Coach of the Year

1st Team Honors

  • Victoria Cannata, Soccer
  • Maci Galan, Soccer
  • Hallie Grimes, Cheerleading
  • Jhade Hayes, Basketball
  • Glenn Johnson, Soccer
  • Kenzie Puhalski, Cheerleading
  • Kayla Redman, Weightlifting
  • Brooke Silvest, Soccer

2nd Team Honors

  • Lauren Arrabito, Soccer
  • Jordan Dollbaum, Soccer
  • Cedrick Lowe, Wrestling
  • Kelsey McKee, Weightlifting (also set the SAC record this season with a  195 lb clean & jerk)
  • Lacy Nasello, Soccer
  • Solsa Rice, Soccer

3rd Team Honors

  • Makala Canada, Basketball
  • Luis Casado, Wrestling
  • Sam Curbelo, Weightlifting
  • Brandon Dorsey, Basketball
  • Haley Eckel, Soccer
  • Samantha Epifanio, Soccer
  • Brandon Jernigan, Wrestling
  • Darryus Lowe, Wrestling
  • Carlos Osorno, Wrestling
  • Elizabeth Stowers, Weightlifting

Honorable Mentions

  • Danielle Edwards, Cheerleading