gatorThe Sunshine Athletic Conference winter coaches selected the All-Conference Teams last night.  Here are our LOLHS honorees:

Phyllis Crain, Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year

Vicky King, Girls’ Soccer Coach of the Year

Andrea Smoley, tied for Cheerleading Coach of the Year

1st Team Honors

  • Victoria Cannata, Soccer
  • Maci Galan, Soccer
  • Hallie Grimes, Cheerleading
  • Jhade Hayes, Basketball
  • Glenn Johnson, Soccer
  • Kenzie Puhalski, Cheerleading
  • Kayla Redman, Weightlifting
  • Brooke Silvest, Soccer

2nd Team Honors

  • Lauren Arrabito, Soccer
  • Jordan Dollbaum, Soccer
  • Cedrick Lowe, Wrestling
  • Kelsey McKee, Weightlifting (also set the SAC record this season with a  195 lb clean & jerk)
  • Lacy Nasello, Soccer
  • Solsa Rice, Soccer

3rd Team Honors

  • Makala Canada, Basketball
  • Luis Casado, Wrestling
  • Sam Curbelo, Weightlifting
  • Brandon Dorsey, Basketball
  • Haley Eckel, Soccer
  • Samantha Epifanio, Soccer
  • Brandon Jernigan, Wrestling
  • Darryus Lowe, Wrestling
  • Carlos Osorno, Wrestling
  • Elizabeth Stowers, Weightlifting

Honorable Mentions

  • Danielle Edwards, Cheerleading