The Florida Division of Emergency Management has announced that the Annual Severe Weather Awareness Week will be held January 22-26, 2018. Part of the awareness campaign will include an annual statewide tornado drill that is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24.  Per District policy, schools are required to conduct one severe weather drill each semester; so this qualifies as our mandatory drill.  During the same time frame, we are going to also conduct our monthly fire drill.  To minimize the impact on instruction, we will be on an activity schedule.  The drills will start at approximately 9:05am.


Period Class Times
Period 1 7:25-8:13
Period 2 8:18-9:06
Activity Period 9:06-9:36
Period 3 9:41-10:29
Period 4 10:34-11:22
Period 5 11:27-1:02
A Lunch (11:27-11:57) 12:02-1:02
B Lunch (11:59-12:29) 11:27-11:57 Lunch 12:32-1:02
C Lunch (12:32-1:02) 11:27-12:27
Period 6 1:07-1:55
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