Land O’ Lakes High School students have swept almost every category at the District History Contest this weekend (Sat.) while working very hard and long hours learning not only about history “Taking A Stand” but, along the way, budgeting their time and prioritizing (time management), researching skills (all students had to write a process paper to go with their project) not mention all the sources!   Primary, Secondary and tertiary sources, putting them all together in an annotated bibliography using proper MLA format. Personal interviews that students conducted on their topics. Students created displays, documentaries and websites, while the performers were looking at presentations from a different angle and historical perspectives. This project started for them in December before winter break and they deserve the riches of their tenacity. Special thanks to their sponsor, Dr. O’Connor, for inspiring their efforts.

First and second place winners at the District level will be moving on to compete at the State Florida History Day Contest in May in Tallahassee. All participants are to be congratulated for their achievements, with special commendation going to:

Group Documentary: 

1st Place:

Uncovering Injustice: Defying the Secrets of the Dozier School for Boys – Cheyenne Tran, Louis Mooney Jr., John Turbessi

2nd Place:

McCarthyism: Defending Against Local Communism – Akshaya Venkata and Angela Cignoranelli

Individual Documentary:

2nd Place:

Musa Dagh: Taking A Stand Against Genocides – Armen Brotgandel

Group Website:

1st Place:

Mustafa Kemal: Taking a Stand to Build a New Turkey – Estefania Acosta, Beyza Eskelan, Funda Eskelan, Sena Eskelan

2nd Place:

Taking on the Challenger: Allan J. McDonald – Logan Beatty and Manoj Kamara

Individual Website:

3rd Place:

Sojourner Truth: Taking a Stand for All Woman – Maya Eason

Group Exhibit:

1st Place: Gertrude Bell: Taking A Stand to Shape the Borders of Iraq: Queen of the Desert, Creator of Nations – Lauren Pinero-Colon, Isabella Torres, Arissa Adhikary

2nd Place:

Emperor Gaozu: The Civil Service Exam – Anji Ranger, Sreya Malladi, Caitlyn Okolovitch, Austin Tran

Individual Exhibit:

2nd Place:

Zora Hurst Neal: Taking A Stand Against Racial Discrimination in the South – Margarita Czupryn

Group Performance:

1st Place:

The Florida Pocahontas: Taking a Stand for Peace Among Enemies – Ellie Cagle, Caroline Henk, Steven Miltenberger, Emily Schuler, Sarah Spitzer