WordWright Challenge

Screen-Shot-2012-11-30-at-11.10.15-AMA team of students representing our school recently won highest honors in this year’s WordWright Challenge.  The school’s 9th graders placed 8th in the nation, the school’s 10th graders placed 2nd in the nation (all received perfect scores), and the school’s 12th graders placed 6th in the nation.  Students who excelled in the meet include: Tyler Visuvasam (perfect score), Stutee Achaya, Joshua Brett, Josie Hidalgo, Roshan Kumaraswamy, Nana Kusi, Alison MacDonald, Sarah Bush, Michael Gendreau, Ben Martin, Shivani Saini, Albert Xing, Grace Alexander, Carter Bright, Isabella Brown, Nicholas Maci, Elizabeth May, Ashley Rocks, Jessica Twitmyer, Alexander Lewis, Tyler Ohnmacht, Hernando Torrealba, John Calahatian, Brandon Clark, Alexander Duty, Justin Mashhoff, and Nicholas Suhlman.  The teams were superivised by Mr. Berger, Mrs. Higgins, Mr. Babij and Ms. Quave.

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