AP and IB exams begin Monday, May 1st. All students have been provided important documents related to the schedule, locations, and regulations for these exams. Parents are directed to ask students for these materials or to click the links that follow to review copies and related information. It is critical that students arrive on time to the designated staging area. No one will be admitted once the test has begun. Leave all personal belongings and electronics in your locker or car. This includes books, notes, smartwatches, phones, tablets, fitness bands, and many other devices. Approved calculators are permitted only in specific exams. No food or beverages are permitted unless there is a pre-determined medical arrangement. Exam rooms may vary in temperature. Therefore, all students must be within the school’s dress code, and we recommend bringing a jacket or sweatshirt. Have your photo ID, #2 pencils, and pens with blue or black ink. Anyone found in violation of AP, IB, or school exam rules will be exited from the test center and their materials invalidated. They will not be eligible to retest and a full report will be sent to the proper testing agency. We remind you that every day is a scheduled school day. Students are expected to be in class when not testing. All district and school attendance rules are in effect.  Let’s have a very successful AP and IB exam season. You are part of one of America’s Best High Schools and in Florida’s Top 100. That is because all of us work together for learning and achievement.

AP Bulletin for Students and Families

2017 AP and IB Exam Table

AP Exam Rules to Students May 2017